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Phoenix Mountain is a community, and we are so thankful for that as the staff, the management and the board of this mountain. As a community we have seen great times and bad times, and unfortunately we have some bad news for our community regarding this weekend. Snowman, our snow grooming machine, is in the shop and needing some big fixes. These big fixes are doable but require time as we wait for the parts and do the work. Without being able to groom the mountain this weekend, we can not safely open. As we all know, the top of the mountain can be quite windy at times, resulting in large snow drifts and scoured icy patches. This happens on the best of days when we are able to manage with nightly grooming, but without grooming, these spots become extreme. This is one of the harder calls that have had to be made, and we will be closed for this weekend and the beginning of next week. We will remain closed until Snowman is back up and running and able to safely groom the mountain. We hope to have good news at the end of next week! We apologize for this change in plans for this weekend, and we look forward to being up and running as soon as possible. We will let you know as soon as we are able to.

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