Phoenix Mountain History

Ski Phoenix Mountain History 01

Photo Courtesy of Boundary Historical Society

Phoenix Ski Area is situated in BC’s southern interior, 8 km off Highway 3  between the cities of Greenwood and Grand Forks. It was conceived and built in the late sixties by a dedicated group of local ski enthusiasts from Grand Forks, Greenwood and Midway, with the invaluable support of the Granby Mining Company, one of the major local industries at that time.

Prior to the construction of the ski area, local residents were skiing off of a little handle-tow that ran up what is today known as “Telemark Hill” on the north side of Marshall Lake, very near to the ghost town at the City of Phoenix, and the Phoenix Mine. Looking to create a more elaborate ski facility for the Boundary residents, a few visionaries scouted the perfect location on nearby Deadman Ridge. Working together, they invested their precious time and dollars to clear the runs, build the road and purchase and install the lift. Donations of expertise, machinery and buildings from the Granby Mining Company rounded out their efforts. Within a year of opening, a new day lodge and rental shop were built, both of which are still in use today, almost 50 years later.

Over the years, the hill has been sustained by the patronage, financial support and volunteer contributions of the Boundary Community – of individuals and local governments as well as by the Province of BC. We consider ourselves most fortunate to have this little gem of a ski area in the heart of our Boundary community.