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The Phoenix Mountain Racers Ski Club is not just focused on developing great skiers, but more importantly on sharing our love of the sport with our athletes and hopefully fostering their own lifelong passion for it. We also believe that it is important for our coaches and club parents to be role models that demonstrate positive behaviors like integrity, honesty, commitment, and having an open-mind because these attributes will help our athletes succeed in whatever path they take in life.


We feel that it is important to share our core values so that you understand what guides us to ensure that your athletes have a safe and fulfilling experience in the club. While there are many positive values that we could list, we like to use the following philosophy to keep it short and sweet (like the runs at Phoenix).


Fun – we will have fun no matter what the conditions or results

Attitude – we will maintain a positive attitude at all times

Inclusion – we will include everyone, nobody skis alone

Respect – we will respect everyone


The 2022/2023 season will offer the following program. The core of the program is Saturday mornings and is focused on training through gates. This will be a 90 minute session on easy terrain (below 3rd Tower) with Slalom (SL) stubby gates.
There may be plans made for out of town races.

Program Fees

Ages 4-7:  $137.50
Ages 8-10:  $165.00
Ages 11-13:  $192.50
Note: Program Fees do not include lift tickets or equipment.

Phoenix Racer Link to Registration Form is HERE
Phoenix Racer Emergency Consent Form is HERE
Phoenix Racer Waiver is HERE
Email with any registration questions.


January 7, 2023 – Core Saturday Session: 10:00-11:30am


Racer has to be able to ride confidently to the top of the mountain on the T-Bar.  This skill is a must to join the Program.


It is not possible to overstate the importance of having the right equipment that fits properly.  The coaches are here to guide the athletes to progress their skill development, but the success and enjoyment that each athlete will experience will be limited if they do not have the right equipment. It is recommended that you reach out to other families in the club to see if they have extra equipment; purchasing brand new equipment every year is expensive for our fast growing athletes.


It all starts with comfortable, yet supportive boots. A 3-4 buckle boot is recommended. They should fit snug but be comfortable. The athlete should be able to flex the boot (make it pivot at the ankle) while standing in them. It is worth getting boots fitted by a professional, if possible.


Poles are underrated and their purpose is often misunderstood. In any case, have the athlete stand in their ski boots holding the poles upside down by gripping them right under the basket. Their arm should form a right angle or less, their forearm should be horizontal or slightly tilted up to account for the fact that they will be even taller on skis. Lastly, we recommend poles with straps or quick release straps (e.g., LEKI).


Standing in ski boots, stand a ski up in front of the athlete, the tip of the ski should be somewhere between the athlete’s lips and their eyebrows. We encourage the athletes to have dedicated race skis that have either a Combi or SL cut. Skis should be tuned regularly to ensure that athletes have control while skiing fast.

Free Skis

It is a bonus to have a second pair of free skis. These can be old race skis or twin tips, or whatever. The simple idea is to not damage their race skis when conditions are marginal (ex., early season).


Helmets should be a full-shell design with fixed ear pads (i.e., not soft removable ear pads) for extended protection. Have the athlete put on their helmet and fasten the chin strap. There should be little to no movement when the athlete shakes their head up and down and side to side. The helmet should allow for an adjustable fit so the athletes can fine-tune their comfort.


Goggles are essential and should form a seal around the eyes to prevent fogging up. Orange shaded lenses are the most versatile. The shape of the goggles should also be compatible with the helmet to avoid gaps between the frame of the goggles and the helmet to avoid exposed skin on the forehead.

Gloves or Mitts

Gloves or mitts are essential. Hand warmers (and toe warmers) are recommended for colder weather. Our sessions are relatively short, so the more comfortable the athlete, the more time we can spend on the mountain!

Shin Guards

Shin guards are optional and are only really suited for the older athletes who take a more direct line through the gates. They will prevent a lot of bruises as the athletes attack the course. Soccer shin guards may be an option for younger athletes.

Ski Tuning Tips

We can all appreciate how a well tuned pair of skis handles the mountain. It is important to take proper care of skis and have them tuned regularly. We are excited to offer some ski tuning workshops throughout the season. The bare essentials are a diamond stone to remove burrs, a file to sharpen edges, a flat iron (no holes) for waxing, and a scraper. To avoid frustration it is also recommended that you have a ski vice. Keep the skis dry when not in use to avoid rusty edges, bases waxed so they are fast, and edges sharp for control.


Races are optional and a schedule is to be determined. Although ski races are set with different clubs at other hills during the season, race participation is not a requirement of Phoenix Mountain Racers membership.


We are planning to use video for select training sessions, provided we can secure a suitable video recorder and playback device. This is a powerful way to enhance skill development because it allows the coaches to break down the fundamentals with a visual, rather than a bunch of words.


We will follow the COVID protocols of the Phoenix Mountain Alpine Ski Society.


There are some great resources and information on BC Alpine website that we encourage you to check out:

Phoenix Racer Link to Registration Form is HERE
Phoenix Racer Emergency Consent Form is HERE
Phoenix Racer Waiver is HERE
Email with any registration questions.